Size: 5/8" Diameter (5-7' estimated height) 

Rootstock: EMLA 111


This rootstock produces a tree about two-thirds the size of a standard tree, and is a good producing rootstock. It is well anchored and tolerant of drought conditions. Honeycrisp apple trees grow best in loamy soil but will grow in sandy loam and light clay, as long as it drains quickly. They prefer a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. They are crisp, juicy, and sweet making them a popular choice for many. They have very good winter hardiness, so they grow very well in northern growing regions. 

You will need to have a cross pollination partner of a DIFFERENT variety planted nearby. Cross Pollinate with Fuji or Cox Orange Pippin. Plant the trees less than 60' apart.


Full Sun - Minimum 6 hrs./day of Sunlight

**White blossom Crabapple trees can also work for cross pollination

Apple, Honeycrisp


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