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Currant, Imperial White

Size: 8-12" single branch bare root


Imperial White Currants may be the one of the best currants for fresh from the bush eating. The bush grows 3-5' tall spreading 4'. Its translucent white berry is sweet and hardy. They prefer moist, well drained soil with high organic matter. Fruit is usually produced 1-3 years after planting. Make sure to water this plant regularly (weekly, or more often in extreme heat). Not only does it provide a sweet fruit, but it is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. They need to be planted in full sun and about 2' apart in the fall or early spring. 

Currant, Imperial White

  • All plant sizes are provided by our supplier and reflect the average size of the plants received. Sizes of each individual seedling may vary from the size listed under the product. Genesee Conservation District is not responsible for any size discrepancies.

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