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Fir, Concolor

Size: 12-18"

Age: (2-0) 


This evergreen conifer grows 1-2' per year, reaching a maximum height of 30’-50’ and a spread of 20’ at maturity. It grows well in loamy or sandy soils that are well-drained and moist. This is a full tree with a pleasing shape and aroma. It provides a dense shelter for wildlife all year round. 


Full Sun to Partial Shade - Minimum 4 hrs./day of sunlight


Other uses include:
-Christmas Tree
-Part of a multi-species windbreak

Fir, Concolor

  • All seedling sizes are provided by our supplier and reflect the average size of the seedlings received. Sizes of each individual seedling may vary from the size listed under the product. Genesee Conservation District is not responsible for any size discrepancies.

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