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Larch, American

Size: 12-18" seedling

Age: (2-0)


This deciduous conifer grows  at a slow to moderate rate of 1-2' per year, reaching a maximum height of 40’-80' and a spread of 15’-30' at maturity. It grows primarily in cold moist to wet sites that are poorly drained. American larch, also commonly called Tamarack, larch, or eastern larch is a deciduous conifer whose green needles turn a showy yellow in fall before falling to the ground as winter approaches. They have an open pyramidal shape and horizontal branching, and are typically avoided by deer. The seed is eaten by squirrels and other small mammals, and is used for nesting by a variety of small birds and mammals. This tree has a shallow root system making it prone to wind throw.


Full Sun: minimum 6 hrs./day of sunlight

Larch, American

  • All seedling sizes are provided by our supplier and reflect the average size of the seedlings received. Sizes of each individual seedling may vary from the size listed under the product. Genesee Conservation District is not responsible for any size discrepancies.

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