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It's Conservation District Day!

In celebration of the 83rd anniversary of Public Act 297 (1937) that established Conservation Districts in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared by a Certificate of Proclamation, today, July 17, 2020, as CONSERVATION DISTRICT DAY in Michigan!

There are 75 Conservation Districts that serve Michigan to provide natural resource management services with specialized staff. These services include, but are not limited to, soil, water, and habitat challenges.

The Genesee Conservation District was established on May 24, 1946 and lives by its goal to build a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive community brought together by natural resources. Our work extends from the heart of Flint to the most rural areas in Genesee County. Twelve employees overseen by a publicly-elected Board of Directors cover this wide range of conservation potential. Here at GCD, Our Work is Life.

Together with partners, residents, and land managers, GCD conserves natural resources to advance the quality of life for all living beings. From planning to implementation, we provide guidance and resources in areas such as: local food systems, urban land reuse, production agriculture, reforestation, wildlife habitat, watershed management, and urban forestry management.

In the past 5 years, conservation efforts in our community have planted over 70,000 trees through reforestation events, conserved 24,000 acres through Farm Bill Programs, offered education to over 10,000 people, constructed 110 hoop houses to increase the amount of fresh local produce, and brought $9+ million into the local economy.

That is the power of a single Conservation District. The hard work of all of our State’s Districts combined deserves to be celebrated throughout the State. We are proud to be part of such an impactful and collective effort to ensure the viability of Michigan's natural resources.

At the State level, the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) advances the work of the 75 individual Conservation Districts. It strengthens Districts through leadership, information, and representation by providing them with educational opportunities, business services, and advocacy. As an active member of MACD, GCD holds seats on both the State Council and Executive Committee, as well as several other committees and sub-committees. In fact, three representatives from GCD sit on the Legislative Committee that initiated the Conservation Day Proclamation.

If you are interested in learning more about our work please visit If you are looking for your local Conservation District you can find it here We look forward to assisting you with conservation efforts that will keep our county’s land vibrant and healthy for many generations to come.

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