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Wildlife & Habitat

"Habitat for wildlife is continually shrinking - I can at least provide a way station."    


-Peter Coyote

Michigan’s diverse wildlife benefits people both directly and indirectly. Earthworms recycle nutrients in the soil that grows the food we eat. Bats consume countless mosquitoes that might otherwise become vectors of disease. Wildlife like songbirds and elk provide enchanting viewing opportunities for nature lovers. Fish and game animals bring in money to support conservation efforts when fishermen and hunters purchase licenses.

Our state has a vast array of habitats that native wildlife use for food, shelter, and space. These include numerous bodies of water, forests, grasslands, wetlands, dunes, countless subcategories, and transitional habitats. As stewards of the land and water, we can protect and enhance these habitats to ensure that our diverse wildlife still have a place to live in years to come.

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