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Order By: April 1st, 2020
Order Pick Up: Friday, April 24th 


Genesee County Habitat for Humanity

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Sizing and Aging Guide

While shopping you will notice that our seedlings have sizes and ages associated with them. Here is a quick guide to understanding the sizing and aging of our plants. 


All sizes are listed as a range in inches or feet. Sizes provided are for seedlings being sold, please read each description for mature tree height.

  • Plants are measured from the root collar up to the tip of the leader stem.

  • The length of the roots below the root collar is not included in the size range provided. 


You will see the ages formatted like the following: (1-0)

  • The first number in this sequence refers to the number of years the plant has grown in a seedling bed. 

  • The second number indicates the number of years a plant has been grown in a transplant bed after being removed from its seedling bed. 

  • RC indicates that the plant was grown from a root cutting. 


  • Leader Stem: The leader stem is the large, usually upright stem of the plant that extends beyond the other branches. 

  • Root Collar: The area where the main roots of the plant join the plant stem. 

  • Root Cutting: A portion of a plant root is cut from a parent plant and transplanted to grow its own system of roots and stems. 

Right Tree Right Place

For more tips on proper tree placement visit 

Genesee Conservation District

Office hours 8am-4:30pm


Closed federal holidays

Staff are working remotely at this time and may be contacted by email

Main: 1525 N. Elms Rd. 

Flint, MI 48532

Ph: 810.230.8766 x3

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