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Genesee Earth Week 2020

This year, on the 50th anniversary of our nation’s first Earth Day event, Genesee Conservation District (GCD) announces Genesee County’s First Annual Genesee Earth Week. Inspired by UM-Flint, Kettering, and Mott Community College’s annual Earth Day event, GCD embarked on a mission to expand it into a week-long celebration of awareness and action. The GCD initiated this movement by convening partners, and together, collaborated in the planning of a jam-packed week with all things natural resources, conservation, and stewardship.

Scheduled for the week of April 19-April 25, 2020, many planned activities throughout the county were to serve as a call to action encouraging participation in the first annual Genesee Earth Week. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities that involve social gathering have been delayed or canceled.

Genesee County residents are now encouraged to check Genesee Conservation District’s Facebook page or the Genesee Earth Week Facebook page throughout the week. We will post activities daily that allow you to stay home and stay safe, while participating in Earth Week. Stay tuned throughout the year as we, together with you, strive to transform Genesee Earth Week into Earth Day, Every Day. #GeneseeEarthWeek #EarthDayEveryDay

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