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Let Nature Inspire You

Let’s tap those creative juices and ignite your imagination. Ideal for all ages, there are endless ways to connect with nature and inspire your creativity. Today’s Earth Week activity is to utilize materials on hand, re-purpose recycled, reusable, or items gathered from nature to express your creativity. Here’s some ideas to ignite your natural art.

From your yard, collect natural elements like leaves, sticks, feathers, flowers, acorns, weeds, grasses, etc. Use these materials to create your unique work-of-art. More inspiration can be found at

You can add recycled or waste materials to create even more projects. Idea starters can be found at Hint: Make a set of binoculars out of toilet paper tubes to be ready for tomorrow’s activity.

Better yet, express your creativity within the natural world. Take it outside! Express yourself with chalk art on your sidewalk or driveway. Paint or draw outside, think Bob Ross painting “happy little trees” while breathing in the fresh spring air.

If you have the materials on hand, now is a great time to dig out those sewing/quilting projects, start that needlework craft, or woodworking creation.

You can help conserve nature by creating backyard habitat for birds or bats. See these how-tos:

Stay tuned throughout the year as we, together with you, strive to transform Genesee Earth Week into Earth Day Every Day. #GeneseeEarthWeek#EarthDayEveryDay

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