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Size: 12-18" seedling

Age: (1-0)


This is a slow grower at no more than 12” per year, up to a height of 35-60’ at maturity, with a spread of 15’. This tree prefers moist to wet loam or clay. Produces compact white blossoms with thick, curled petals. As one of the last trees to flower in the spring, little danger is posed from frost. Produces sweet, edible orange fruits in 6-8 years that are often eaten by deer and other wildlife. The deep green foliage turns fiery orange-red in the fall. Trees are either male or female so plant at least three to increase chances of pollination.


Full Sun: minimum 6 hrs./day of sunlight


  • All seedling sizes are provided by our supplier and reflect the average size of the seedlings received. Sizes of each individual seedling may vary from the size listed under the product. Genesee Conservation District is not responsible for any size discrepancies.

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