Pine, Red

Size: 6-14"

Age: (2-0)


Medium growth reaching a mature height of 50-80' and a 20-40' spread; deep and wide root spreading. Soil conditions include: well-drained, dry sandy soils and gravelly ridges, low soil fertility.

The Red Pine is frequently used as a nesting site by red squirrels, crows, ravens, and hawks; the abandoned nests of which are then used by long-eared and barred owls. The cones produce large seeds which are eaten by chickadees, finches, crossbills, and other mammals. In the northwoods, it is common to see a hawk, owl, eagle, or osprey perched atop this tall tree keenly searching for their next meal.

Full Sun - Minimum 6 hrs./day of sunlight


Other uses include:
-Ornamental for its attractive red bark
-Part of a multi-species windbreak
-Grown for production of cabin logs and railroad ties
-Widely planted around reservoirs for water quality protection
-Reforestation and naturalizing former farm fields

Pine, Red

Bundle Quantity

  • All seedling sizes are provided by our supplier and reflect the average size of the seedlings received. Sizes of each individual seedling may vary from the size listed under the product. Genesee Conservation District is not responsible for any size discrepancies.

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